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Update 4.04.02: I have received acceptance letters from Olin, Carnegie Mellon, and University of Washington. It's a happy thing! I will be attending Olin in fall 2002. During this summer I'm hoping to land an internship with a research professor at UW to keep me sharp over break. may take some calculus. We'll see.

Hello, and welcome to the college-related portion of my site. Since often colleges ask for documents such as essays and resumes of activities and awards, this seemed like a good idea. These look ever so much better formatted prettily in HTML than they would cut & pasted into a text box on an online form. Actually, they look better than they would printed out, too... not to mention I don't mind showing off my abilities with HTML and perl as ways to convert word processed documents into something presentable online.

These documents are available for viewing:
  • Resume - Updated business resume for 2002. Science and computing focus. Link by request.
  • Activities & Awards - Everything that's graced my free time since 9th grade, including extracurricular activities, awards won in competitions, and some test scores nobody asks for. I'm especially proud of this because I didn't spend 18 hours cutting and pasting text into HTML tables; I taught myself regular expressions and wrote a perl script(that only took me 4 hours, heh) to parse the Appleworks file so I wouldn't have to. The original(well, tweaked to discard stray %-/? characters) .cwk file is here and the perl script is here if you're interested, which if you're part of the CS department, I'd hope you would be. If you look at the .perl file online, do "View->Source" so you won't have to piece through your browser's parsing of the HTML in the print statements.
  • Computer Engineering - Essay describing why I chose CE as a major, and what interests and activities encourage me to believe it is the right choice.
  • Flight - "Recently the Wall Street Journal declared, "Nearly all college admissions officials will admit that, left to themselves, most high school seniors will submit essays of stupefying dullness." This is your opportunity to prove that not everything you read is true." This is a vignette I wrote about what it feels like to compete in a model airplane event for Science Olympiad. In real life it's pretty intense, and I hope I was able to get that across.
  • Passions - Essay for Olin College of Engineering about my passion for writing(among other things) and how it serves to balance my life.
  • Leaders - Essay for Olin College of Engineering about what a college needs to do to prepare technological leaders, and how I think I might help such a college to develop itself.

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