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Update: 7.8.02
Read a really good article on internet- and free- music by a music artist called Janis Ian. I posted a copy of it here, because I don't know how long articles stay up on her site. It's also on the side bar with other unoriginal works. Cleaned the plusneuf file... squeaky! If you haven't seen the new homesite for yours truly yet, it's been dubbed FlySwatter and resides on the left above Insidious. Also, if you've been under a rock, HelloWorld has been retired in favor of ToBeHeard. Hence the gray-ness.

Update: 5.17.02
See left -- Started developing my student site for next year. As yet untitled... going to use favorite quotes though for page titles so it'll be all nostalgic and stuff. Also starting to think about the hub page for; the current one bites and there's at least one other person interested in tackling the job. Fun stuff.

Update: 4.21.02
LiveJournal now live -- To Be Heard at left

Update: 4.04.02
Amazing. It's been much too long since I've updated. Never fear, this is still my current site... I just don't have jack squat in terms of time to work on it. So the front page is updated. Don't worry, be hoppy.

Update: 1.02.02
The first update of the new year! Wheeee. All the essays I've written for colleges and scholarships, with the exception of one really bad one, are now up on the College Docs page...and cleared out news clutter on the frontpage.

Update: 12. 29.01
College-Related Docs - whew. Big update...Dug up my perl skills and HTML-ized my activities resume. Essays from UW, UW Honors, CMU, and Olin to come, when I get the time.

Update: 12.23.01
Trust Denied Beef or Crispness ... a classic poem for the season. Honest.

Update: 9.09.01
Put up my portal page for when I'm not at home. I was at school the other day, online, and realized I knew precious few URLs for the plethora of sites I frequent... was feeling very lost :P So it's up in my junk folder, along with the stuff I'm hosting for various friend sigs. Alors, my Stem Page of niftiness awaits. Also on the sidebar. Oh yeah! And I also cleaned out the less-than-recent news on the frontpage, isn't it nice and squeaky and clean? I like to think so.

Update: 8.22.01
Hopefully I'll have some D&D notes up in Dark Dank Snakes, getting permission as we speak. Much less regular than the last one, but I think it's less likely to have the DM lose interest. Time will tell.

Update: 8.10.01
Uploaded pics from a few friends and my trip to Camlynn, the local medieval summer event. We all dressed up, and a friend was up visiting from CA, it was great fun. They're cute pictures :) even if DD did only send the ones that had me in them. Ah well.

Update: 7.18.01
I wrote a new site section entitled, "Insidious" so I have somewhere to post all the art stuff I've been working on recently. It'll also be my rant page. I'm really liking the style, unfortunately, I did a quick multibrowser check and it looks like crap in anything but Explorer. Sigh. So I'll be revamping tomorrow while we're not having a D&D session at my house. Jon up and left w/out telling anybody so we're a bit up a creek. Hard to do D&D without a DM. Cheers.

Update: 6.30.01
Links page has a bunch of new stuff. I organized it all, added the comics I read, and some great music sites.

Update: 6.27.01
Finally put up the pictures from Science Olympiad State 2001, as well as some really, really nifty fire pictures from a homework-burning party I went to last week: Science Club.

Update: 6.24.01
Virtualilzed sidebar to make links more consistent; also added a link to my online journal, "HelloWorld" to the links bar at left. Not much there yet, but it will suffice for when I need a wall to scrawl on.

Update: 6.10.01
Read a nifty Science Fiction short story called Narapoia.

  Update: 5.18.01
1- Dark Dank Snakes are on hold until our DM can get a handle on what he's doing...we may be starting over with something else. "On Hold," ha. Not as if there was anything actually going anywhere with that. But hey.
2- Looking to see whether Matt wants to get rid of those freakin' annoying banners and come over to He says he doens't want people to bug on him for changing the URL again. Guess a little javaScript could help that...
...But it's up to him. Visit His Site though, folks. He actually updated it recently...there's a skeeto You Know You've Been Foo If... list up under Game Club. Have Fun.

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