Other than that, life's busy, and I've grown out of obsessively updating my web presence. I do post to my livejournal on occasion. I'm also in facebook and okcupid.

About me: I'm an engineer. I'm currently designing, developing, and implementing user interfaces for desktop software that uses machine learning to help you spend less time on tedious monotony like filling out repetetive forms online, chaining seven searches together on five websites just to find someone's email address, and such. In the past, I've also written software for mobile robots, notably for Ballbot, an unmanned Kubota tractor, and a smaller robot built from a child-sized ATV. I do a lot of social dancing, especially swing (lindy hop and west coast swing, with WCS winning out these days). I occasionally flirt with argentine tango and contact improv, and I've danced most other forms at least once since starting in 1997. I enjoy cooking, teaching, singing, knitting & crochet, and being an introvert. I have also been known to fence, speak french, act, write music, build and fly indoor freeflight model airplanes, verb nouns, and dabble in the SCA. I prefer macs; I have roots in Canada and the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from Olin in May 2006, spent a year in the Robotics Institute's PhD program at CMU, then ditched that in favor of my current position working as a staff programmer and UI designer for RADAR, an enormous research project at CMU about to lose funding (Oct 2008). Wanna fund our startup? Wanna hire me? The huge version of my resume is online, but if you email me I'll tailor one for you. I'll relocate to any city where cars are unnecessary.

Katie Rivard
April 2008