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But first, a word from our sponsors:
Dan Lindquist > wait...a loophole!
Jesus Fernandez > eh... you're in college now, I don't think anyone will hold it against you..
Dan Lindquist > i attributed it as a quote from the French
Jesus Fernandez > ?
Dan Lindquist > so it wasn't my foul mouth
Jesus Fernandez > besides... it isn't like anyone READS these things...
Heh. Those guys crack me up. Hi guys!!

Anyhow, nice to meet you. Glad you dropped by. Salutations, even.

So, you're here. Congrats. Kudos to your mad mouse-clicking-URL-typing-web-surfing 5K|11Z. Links to the left. Here, you may find a variety of things. I game, code sporadically, and revel in Macintosh Addiction. If you hadn't noticed, this is my website.

You've somehow managed to find the online home of a terribly eclectic high school female who would much rather be in college now than anywhere else. Thankfully, that's going to happen within a few short months, a fact about which I am extremely ecstatic. ^_^ This is a link( to my dream school, which just happens to be where I'll be going come this fall. But I digress.

About the website: Enjoy. This site is not yet as cluttered as my old site(CaféÀDemain), but is well on its way to becoming so, what with me putting interesting stories and such up here when I get the chance ... if I get bored somebody remind me to learn web programming, so I can get a live-updateable list of Game Club inside jokes running as well. That'd be cool. Yeah.

Have seven words:
    Xyzzy. Skeeto. Fuzzy. Scurf. Frippletration. Hubris. Australopithicus.

As is probably obvious, I don't have a whole heck of a lot of time to work on this site. Especially during the school year, and especially lately. So you'll just have to be patient and watch the news box below for updates. Nyah nyah nyah. Read a comic or something if you're bored. May I recommend my stem page, which has links to the ones I frequent.

Newest News:

Update: 7.8.02
Read a really good article on internet- and free- music by a music artist called Janis Ian. I posted a copy of it here, because I don't know how long articles stay up on her site. It's also on the side bar with other unoriginal works. Cleaned the plusneuf file... squeaky! If you haven't seen the new homesite for yours truly yet, it's been dubbed FlySwatter and resides on the left above Insidious. Also, if you've been under a rock, HelloWorld has been retired in favor of ToBeHeard. Hence the gray-ness.

Update: 5.17.02
See left -- Started developing my student site for next year. As yet untitled... going to use favorite quotes though for page titles so it'll be all nostalgic and stuff. Also starting to think about the hub page for; the current one bites and there's at least one other person interested in tackling the job. Fun stuff.

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