Activities & Awards

Kathryn Rivard - - Woodinville High School
Last Update: Wed Apr 24 18:09:17 2002


Time Commitment
  Co-Leader: Science Olympiad   2 - 10 hrs weekly, all year
   - Designed, created, and managed team database to keep track of which students were participating in which events, ran meetings  
   - State medals: 2nd-Propeller Propulsion(model airplane for duration), 3rd-Nature Quest(orienteering, botany), 5th-Practical Data Gathering(mathematics with science applications)  
   - Regional medals: 1st-Propeller Propulsion, 1st-Nature Quest, 2nd-Pentathlon(quick thinking + obstacle course), 4th-Experimental Design(scientific process)  
  Writer: Timbercrest JH Monthly Newspaper   4 hrs monthly, all year
  Square Dancing: Local Teen Club   2 hrs weekly, all year
  Score room Assistant: PNTSDF   20 hrs over 2 days, April
   (Pacific Northwest Teen Square Dance Festival)  
   - Ran scoresheets and messages, did data entry  
  Workshop Leader: Eastridge Elem. School Science Day   8 hrs, one day, June
   - Taught students how to use microscopes to look at pond life and other curiosities.  
  Co-Leader: Girl Scouts Nature Workshop   15 hrs over 3 days, July
   - Worked with Nature Quest partner to teach young scouts orienteering, botany, and survival skills.  
  Science Club   1-3 hrs weekly, Nov-May
   - Maintained team event database  
   - Olympiad State medals: 1st-Propeller Propulsion  
   - Olympiad Regional medals: 1st-Propeller Propulsion, 1st-Mission Possible(Rube-Goldberg device), 4th-Disease Detectives(epidemiology), 4th-Experimental Design  
   - Regional Science Bowl: Participant  
  Math Club   1 hr weekly, all year
   - Placed 2nd in Regional Team Problem(WASL-type 30 minute problem), placed 4th in State Ad-Hoc Topicals(all team members from different schools, 40 multiple choice questions)  
  Square Dancing: Local Teen Club   2 hrs weekly, all year
  Troubleshooter/Tutor/Consultant: Teri Malinowski   2 hrs weekly, August
   - Assisted Teri in moving from a 6100 to an iMac and increased her knowledge of general to intermediate  
   use of the system, including instruction on internet, email, and graphics applications, printer, and scanner setup.  
  FLY Tutoring at Woodin ElementarBy   1 hr weekly, Nov-May
   - Helped K-2nd grade students with reading, writing  
  Attendee: Washington Business Week   1 week, July
   - Business camp focusing on team problem solving in a corporate setting through an intensive business simulation in addition to providing various business- and life- related seminars and speakers.  
  WASL: Above Standard in all categories   (State Standardized Test)
  Science Club   1-4 hrs weekly, Nov-May
   - Olympiad State medals: 1st-Propeller Propulsion, 3rd-Chemistry Lab  
   - Olympiad Regional medals: 1st-Propeller Propulsion, 3rd-Reach for the Stars(astronomy, astrophysics), 3rd-Experimental Design, 4th-Mission Possible  
   - Regional Science Bowl: 5th place  
  Secretary: Math Club   1 hr weekly, all year
   - Placed 1st in Regional Know-Down(individual mental math) and went on to take 2nd at State.  
  FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America)   2-4 hrs monthly, all year
   - Attended National Leadership Conference in Denver, CO  
   - State Medals: 2nd-Technology Concepts(general hardware, software, and technology concepts), 3rd-Computer Concepts(like Tech Concepts + knowledge of business applications)  
  Game Club   2 hrs weekly, all year
   - Social club: got together weekly to play computer, video, board, card, and pencil-and-paper games.  
  Square Dancing: Local Teen Club   2 hrs weekly, all year
  Bookboxing for Kenya   3 hrs, one day, Sept
   - Helped box over 1500 lbs of discarded books to be sent to a school in Kenya  
  DigiGirlz Technology Camp   8 hrs daily, one week, August
   - Seminars and tours of various departments at Microsoft. Somewhat like going to 10 different job shadows in groups of 12 girls.  
  PSAT: Qualified as National Merit Finalist   (Standardized Test)
  Named Washington Scholar   (Scholarship)
   - Given to 3 high school seniors in each legislative district for full tuition to any school in the state  
  Secretary: Science Club   1-4 hours weekly, all year
   - Kept track of important dates and paperwork, helped organize interesting experiments  
   - State medals: 1st-Chem Lab, 2nd-Wright Stuff  
   - Regional Science Bowl: 1st place  
   - National Science Bowl: pending  
   - Pending: Taught elementary school classes about density using eggs, also about quantum physics using the slot experiment to show light diffusion  
  President: Math Club   1-2 hrs weekly, Nov-May
   - Organized teams for competitions, ran meetings  
   - Thomas Jefferson HS Fall Classic: 4th-Ciphering(fast math, pencil & paper), 8th-Team Test(teams of 4, multiple-choice)  
   - AMC score: 112(?)  
   - AMC Invitational score: pending  
  FBLA(Future Business Leaders of America)   2-4 hrs monthly, Sept-June
   - Attended Regional Leadership Conference  
   - Regional Competition Awards: 1st-Computer Concepts, 1st- Technology Concepts  
   - State Awards: pending  
  Knowledge Bowl   1 hr weekly, Oct-Jan
  Game Club   2 hrs weekly, all year
   - Social club  
   - Helped organize field trips, LAN parties; helped arrange for supervision and an extra room on occasion to support massively increased membership  

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