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So, What's with the Shrew?

It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

So hey, it's my D&D page...or at least, it is now, and hopefully will stay that way. Herewith will be summarized the doings of a current campaign I'm playing... with the DM's permission, of course. Enjoy.

...Make that a pernicious grue.

May 18th Update...Okay, so maybe not. Looks like we're starting over with something else. I dunno. But there's nothing here. What gives?

...with nasty, sharp pointy teeth!

All right! Sweetness. Joined another group. 3rd edition. ...this one's very... variable regarding the characters and the people who play them (We started with someone who had to go back to PA, as people left other people just stepped in to take over their characters... oh yeah and our dwarf got run over by a bus). The premise has changed, I think, but if we can get things rolling again *coughmikecough* :) we might actually make it easy on the DM and follow his storyline. Thus begin notes.

Initial Premise: The four characters own a tavern on Broon and constantly have to break up bar fights, thus leading to their adventuring abilites. It soon comes upon them that a strange lady walks into their bar and orders some expensive drinks. From,[sic] pirate ships come to the planet[sic] in the next 4 days. Suspicious about the traveler who has taken up stay in the Inn, the party keeps a close eye out. The party notices new arrivals to the tavern, all with the pirate symbol on their foreheads. At that point a fight breaks out, and the adventurers are forced to flee with the woman, especially since she forgot to pay! And so, the adventure begins...

One: Some Thursday in July
Survived several run-ins with the pirates, discovering that some of them have mage skills. Found a dragonling outside of a cottage housing his mage-killed mother. Got exp for *not* killing the dragonling. Were requested by a hairy rat-man to get rid of an evil necromancer who had transformed him into a were-beast of some sort, which was obvious. As we set off down the trail, Mike backtracked to find undead beseiging the village. We, however, weren't that stupid. Found the necromancer's tower in the woods, defeated his defenses, and Mike mysteriously found his way back through an underground tunnel. Unfortunately I did not cast Detect Evil on the necromancer, and though he claimed innocence, we killed him anyway. Stupid, stupid, stupid. The necromancer had been *protecting* the town, which has now been destroyed. Yeah. The scary were-person was evil. Ran into another dragon. Ran away, probably intelligently, in addition to running away from a very large, very noisy, very unidentified ...creature? That I hope we level a few times before we have to deal with. Everyone leveled, and we called it a stopping point.

Two: August 21
Well... it'd been a month. Stuff gets old after a while... I think we've just said "Screw it" to the old premise, and are just gaming ATM. We really got amazingly little done... held it outside in a park, very :) But! Yes. My sister stood in for our kickass chaotic evil fighter and did pretty darn well IMHO for not ever having done this before. We added a mage. The dwarf got run over by a bus and was replaced by a hero rogue. Who really wasn't being very hero-like... mugging myself and my fighter companion led to a nasty bar fight and general bad feelings toward the guy who was supposed to be the *leader* of the adventure... so God snapped his fingers and had the necromancer be heroine instead, which is much nicer... she's a pacifist of sorts so we don't get into as much trouble. ("I pick a fight with the blacksmith" ... uhm... no) So after God got us out of the barfight... rather magically, since nobody really seemed very interested in getting us out by ourselves... we met an elven ranger who was in need of some help finding a lost sword. I wish I could remember people's names. :P But while it might have been a clever idea to *not* bring her with us(ie we were less obligated to bring *back* the sword after finding it, to replace the absent compensation for the quest)... it also meant we were freaking helpless when a giant bear decided it had found free food in the way of our 56 pounds of rations we'd already lugged a day's walk into the forest. Er -- make that an ogre. The next morning we all hurried off along the trail of half-eaten and dropped rations to go pay back this punk... and were in the middle of fighting the ogre -- make that a likeness of myself -- make that a likeness of the fighter -- when one of our party had to go home due to stretched limits on wary parents. Alors, until next time.

Three: September 1
This meet was originally supposed to be an all-out overnight D&D fest...but between 5 PM and 3 AM we got pitifully little done. Having *poof*ed the ogre, the rogue and myself noticed another cave bordered by rather nice-looking pillars. It led to a nearly perfectly hemispherical room lit by glowing ground plants... which led to a giant mosaic'ed and portrait'ed room with a sturdy chair in the middle. All the mosaics were of the same man, as were the paintings, and all were signed in exactly the same hand. Leaving the double doors across the room for later, we all piled through a single jewel-encrusted door to the right, to find ourselves in yet another room devoted to this strange man... whose name we guessed was Glacien... simply because that was the name of the man to whom the chair quietly whispered compliments. This room contained a cauldron complete with a sharp spike sticking up out off its middle as if it were designed to kill instantly whatever poor creature was thrown in there. We followed the flow of the room to a hallway, which connected with another room. This room, unlike all the others we'd explored, was not empty of beings. It contained seven goblins. We managed to kill at least five of them, with at least one of the remaining two fleeing for their lives. Here, we reached 3 AM, and were all of us tired, so we decided to call it a night and go to sleep. 10 hours, five rooms, six goblins. W00t.

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