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What, You Wanted Links?

Well, why didn't you say so?

  • AnyQs? - ZacH's site...Got Questions? Ask! Ask! Ask! :)
  • High Elf - Matt's realm...Game club, some awesome links, Flash adventures. Forum! It's where all of us hang out. I mean that, too... 97% of the people here go to game club. No, correction, Essy joined. 100%.
  • Kwates J - The Red Sweatshirt... Kwates has acquired some madass web design skillz. I gotta say, wow hon... this is a neato site. Don't miss her band's site, Graceful Chaos! :)

  • Comics
  • MegaTokyo - MWF gamer comic strip. Humor. Laugh.
  • Sluggy Freelance - A moron, a pyro, a half-demon, and a gal that turns into a camel. What's wrong with that?
  • Real Life - The adventures of Greg and his posse of gamer friends. Shirt ninja, attack!
  • Residence Life - Methinks this be spoofed, but some guy named Dana's life in a college residence house.
  • Exploitation Now - Mature Audience - Bimbo Moneymaker and her friend Ralph, the exiled Kupo, hang out, have adventures with thirteen-year-old evil geniuses who want to take over the world, and generally get into trouble. Definately rated R, so keep your virgin eyes off of it unless you're old enough.

  • Tech
  • Versiontracker - THE place for new software. Macintosh, PC, Palm, you name it. Updated constantly, with archives and reviews. I live here.
  • MacAddict - Decent Mac stuff, quirky.
  • /. - Slashdot: News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.
  • MkLinux - "My Kind of Linux" Linux on your beat-up old Macintosh
  • LinuxPPC - ...Run Linux on your bitchin', new Macintosh
  • Slackware Linux - ...Run Linux on your PC, with my condolences
  • HTML Goodies - Don't be a wuss. Learn HTML. It's easy.
  • IF-Archive - HUGE archive of Interactive Fiction, sometimes known as Text Adventures. You remember those neato Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type games from the 80s? They're still around.

  • Music
  • The Dent - Probably one of the most well-informed sites about Tori Amos I've seen. Yes, je suis toriphile... majorly :) Tori keeps me sane. Just a girl and a piano...
  • Epitonic - Indie rock, folk, and other "underground" type music. Find new artists here, download a couple mp3's, then head to Napster and Gnutella and download music that won't ever be fileblocked.
  • Twisted Nerve Records - Yay! My kind of music. Badly Drawn Boy is pretty cool. Check 'em out.
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