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Truth, Beauty, and Love?

Last Update: 7.18.02

Art! Sketches, for the most part. Though if I get into photography and ceramics more, that will be here too...newest at top.

I haven't the slightest why, but her name is fedora. Isn't that a kind of hat or something? Anyhow, she turned out pretty cute, if I do say so. I really ought to learn how to draw properly, instead of fooling around with this half-assed anime crap.
This is a sketch of Cynthia, though due to a brain goof in the signing, it appears that I forgot about the letter 'h' when I was sketching it. I kinda like how it turned out. I need to work on getting eyes the same though.
Piece of art in the red square at Western Washington University near Bellingham, Washington...Probably drawn during a business camp I went to up there. Not too shabby.
Siku: Water dragon I drew during a dull moment(scarce as they are) at Game Club, 2001. Difficult to color, I don't know that it's tweaked quite right.
Kenise: Inked instead of CG's = good. Another early anime attempt... better, but still has its issues. 2001. Tried shading; failed pretty miserably. (you can hardly see it in the scaled-down pic, but believe me, it's bad)
Iyuko: CG'd outlines = bad. 2001; First attempt at Anime style. | Vanilla Syhin |