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Dude. Rant page.

As soon as I come up with something to say, I'll go to town here. In the meantime, I think I'll fill this space with a poem.

Bird flies overhead, executes exotic turns, swoops, soars;
beak twittering, chatting, tripping over the scales.
alighting momentarily on a branch, soon is off again
to chase the clouds
rejoicing in self-same-sense, that she flies,
is alive, playing tag with falling, fellows left behind, content
to simply traverse the miles tween summer
and winter;
her 'stead skips, jumps, hollers, shouts, laughs, grins, jokes
all the way, spring summer winter autumn,
all but given up on lonely souls below.
but for one, who calls to her --
a reflection, deep in the clouds
through the window of a quiet lake,
soaring, shouting, all alive --
she listens, hears, floats down, settles
clipping wings down, silence all
swaps sharp beak for a twitchy pink nose,
whiskers, a low tone of whispers.
darting topaz eyes morph into deep pools of brown;
slick feathers change, smooth over, become velvet fur
heartbeat slows, eyes close,
paws snuggle in 'round, and the mouse curls up,
safety finally found
in the lee of a reflection.

-kmr | Vanilla Syhin |