Science Olympiad 2001: WHS Award-Winners

State Competition: Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington

(Click the thumbnails for the full versions)
Whoa, there... Don't get too excited, Doc... :) We won 4th place! Woo-Hoo!
Evan and Andy hurry past the camera on their way upstairs. Jay and his partner collect their award for...anybody know?
Katie and Yong-Hwa receive their 3rd place medals in Chemistry Lab. Nina and Yong-Hwa pose with their ? place ? medals.
Simon and Greg got ? place in ?. Simon and Jay managed to get 3rd place in the Amphibians & Reptiles event.
Zack and his ? medal. Zack and his partner speed away from the podium with their ? awards.
Go Simon! Katie receives 1st place in The Wright Stuff.
Jeff and Jay smile with their Dynamic Planet awards.  

As is pretty obvious, I don't really know what medals you all got. Replacing those ?'s is pretty easy, though -- email me what you did, and I'll get it up here asap.

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