Poetry in Stopped-Motion

These were taken at Jaime's homework-burning party on the last day of school, and are in no particular order. And actually, these were just the highlights. There are only 24 pictures here, and I took fifty-some. If you want the rest of them, which consist mostly of just fire fire fire, some outoffocus pics, and burning homework that wasn't nearly as clever as the stuff I've put below, email me, I'll send or burn you a CD of them.
You know the drill. Clicked thumbnail = bigger picture.

Flames and sparks
Corrugated cardboard does neat things when it catches on fire.
WHS Course Description book
Guidelines for expressing yourself
Apparently, gel pen ink doesn't burn. Chouette!
The Evil French Workbook of Doom
The EFWBOD on fire
The not-so-ominous EFWBOD :)
Someone's health notebook
Neato flame effect
One of my faves, my sister's japanese homework
Map of the school
Somebody put in a whole bunch of looseleaf paper, and it uh floated.
The famous Flaming Quill!
Student Rights and Responsibilities
The pages turn as they burn.
Our big basket'o'homework
The Drugs of Abuse
More fire!
Student handbook
Ooo...the tech support class' job assignment list. Grrr.

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